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  Eddie Van Halen
  San Dimas



  Dean From Hell

  Flying V
  Les Paul

  John Petrucci
  Sting Ray

  F Series
  H Series
  Kirk Hammett
  ESP Bass

  Jazz Bass
  Precision Bass


  Flying V
  Les Paul




  RG Series
  Steve Vai Jem
  Ibanez Bass

  JS Series
  King V
  Randy Rhoads
  Jackson Bass


  Patriot Series
  Valor Series


  Palmer Bass



  Rickenbacker Bass


  Jazz Bass
  Precision Bass

  Dan Donegan (Maya)
  Face Eraser
  N-Series (Nuno)
  Washburn Bass

  Yamaha Bass


This is the eBay Guitar Finder - your quick reference guide and instant guitar finder.

     Faster than regular eBay searches
     Eliminates guesswork about brand names
     Ready references are built in
     Easy to customize for use on your website (coming soon)
     Search for values on name brand guitars instantly
     Software returns the results you want - immediately
     Menu Memory opens to your last menu location
Our rapid fire code will locate the results you want from the hottest auctions on eBay. Each page opens to guitars that are selling soonest. Try it now and let us know what you think.

Did you know that there are currently over 30 different versions of the Fender Strat on the market? Need to know the differences between them? You've come to the right place.

Need to know how to play a C# dominant 7th barre chord? Don't forget to visit our chord position charts for quick references on open position chords and barre chords.

What on earth is a coil-tapped humbucker?? Check out the glossary for lots of handy info.

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